Master Spanish conjugation – full digital chart set

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Want to be fluent in Spanish?

The Spanish language has 16 tenses. Learning 16 tenses for over 600 verbs seems impossible. It is and it is also absolutely unnecessary to do this.
What if you would only learn the essential tenses that you would actually use in any Spanish conversation and have a blue print of how to conjugate them? What if you could visualize how the verbs end in only the essential tenses? That would make it a lot easier!

These PDF’s will give you all the tools you need to be able to learn the essential Spanish conjugations fast and be fluent in no time.

A direct download is available on the web page directly after purchase. In addition we also e-mail you a link to the file within 5 minutes.


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Master Spanish conjugation – full digital chart set

Product Description

A set of conjugation charts to help you conjugate fluently in Spanish in no time.
The following conjugation charts are included in the set:

- Spanish conjugation chart - blue print to conjugate in 7 tenses
- Present tense conjugation chart
- Past tense conjugation chart
- Future tense conjugation chart
- Potential simple tense conjugation chart
- Perfect Indicative conjugation chart
- Imperfect tense conjugation chart

Download these posters as a high quality PDF. Suitable to print at any size or to view on any device.

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Master Spanish conjugation – full digital chart set

2 reviews for Master Spanish conjugation - full digital chart set

  1. Patrick

    Printed them all and hung them on the wall for every day practice. Helps me to stay focused

  2. Linda

    This is great! I’m a visual learner and this is exactly what I needed.

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